Crane Ee-8064 Humidifier

By now I think most of us know how critical it is to maintain healthy levels of humidity in our home air. It affects our health, our pets' health, our plants health, and even the long term health of the wood and other components of the house itself. Never mind things like guitars!

Crane Ee-8064 Humidifier We've tried many, many humidifiers over the years. Some are great. Some are iffy. So our testing with the Crane was not from the point of view of "is a humidifier worth having. We absolutely know they are. We have one in every room, pretty much, in the winter. The question is how the Crane Ee-8064 holds up against other humidifiers.

First - and this is really bizarre - but the cable remote we have triggers the humidifier! So the room we wanted to us it in - the living room - became an impossibility. The Crane doesn't even come with a remote. So it must have had plans to be remote controlled, which they ditched. It meant every time we went to change the volume or such, we'd randomly change the settings on our humidifier.

Next, the convenient handle on the top of the water tank isn't supposed to be used! They say so in the manual. And it really is a quite flimsy handle. Why have a handle on a product that isn't supposed to be used? They definitely need to make a better handle that CAN be used. Especially because the handle being there makes it sort of annoying to fill up, as that is the part the tank rests on while sticking it under the spigot.

Also, there's a loose piece on the top that you have to remove before refilling the tank, and it's usually wet with condensation. So that is also strange. Why not design the unit differently so that screws in or something, so you don't have to remove it when wet?

And also, when you turn the unit off it forgets all its settings. So then when you turn it on again you have to start from scratch.

On the up side, it's fairly quiet, and it has a lot of setting options. You can turn the nozzel to direct where the flow of air goes. So I do like those features - but with so many other options out there, I'm just not sure those make up for its many iffy points.

I'll give it 3/5 stars.

I was provided a review copy of this unit via the Amazon vine program.

UPDATE: We wrote this review in May 2013. It is now June 2014 and I'm attempting a thorough cleaning of this before it gets stored for the season. The unit is ATROCIOUS to clean. There are many, many nooks and crannies that I simply cannot get to with a toothbrush or other small implement. I can see clearly that there is mold and such growing in there. We won't be using this going forward. It just isn't healthy.

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