Honeywell Quietcare HCM-6009 Humidifier

It's definitely important to have a humidifier in the house if your humidity levels drop low. Low humidity can damage your health, your pets' health, and even the home's wood and other components. But it can be a hassle moving from room to room and refilling all the individual humidifiers. That's where this 9 gallon humidifier comes in.

Honeywell Quietcare HCM-6009 Humidifier We got this humidifier to humidify our first floor. The one unit handles the entire floor. There are two separate water tanks that each are a quarter circle / quarter cylinder in shape. They fit together in the unit to create a half circle. So you can remove just one to fill it up if you want. The handle is sturdy, and they're easy to carry. Also, their top is fairly flat so they're easy to sit in the sink or tub while they fill. Compared with the many other humidifiers we've used over the years, this one definitely gets credit for those things.

The filter within is fairly large. When our first filter expired, we tried to save money by buying a cheap replacement. I advise not to try doing that :). It didn't work nearly as well at humidifying the house. So the higher quality filters are well worth paying for.

It's certainly louder than our other smaller units, but it is trying to keep an entire floor moist. It has to do that at a higher rate of work than a tiny unit does. That just makes sense. And even so, it's not incredibly loud. It's on par with other similar devices. If you have somewhere that you need absolutely quiet - like a baby's room - then there are certainly single-room humidifiers to choose instead. This one is meant to be a larger workhorse type of unit.

Well recommended - it does exactly what we need, and it does it well.

We purchased this humidifier with our own funds.

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