Humidity Levels for a Parakeet

If you're new to parakeets, you might not think twice about humidity levels. Humidity is for tropical plants, right? Yes, that's true - but humidity is also very important for your little keet or budgie.

First, what is humidity? Humidity is the amount of moisture that is in the air. If the air gets very dry, your fingers and nose can crack from the dryness. Humans put lotion on their hands. You can't do that with keets!

You can find humidity meters - just like thermometers measure temperature - in most pet stores and WalMart type stores. they are only $3-$5 for a basic humidity meter. They will give you the percent humidity. At pet stores, humidity meters are often found in the reptile area, since it's very important for reptiles to stay moist.

For keets, if it's too dry it can cause their nose and feet to crack and even bleed. It can cause other dehydration problems as well.

Once you get a humidity meter, you want to aim for between 60% to 70% humidity. If you are lower than that, it's time to get a humidifier for the room. These devices take water from a reservoir and send it out into the air. Not only will it make your keets feel better and more healthy, but it'll be good for the humans too! Everyone needs proper humidity to thrive.

If you have the opposite problem - too MUCH humidity - then you can get issues with mold and bacteria. That would be the time to get a dehumidifier. These devices draw water out of the air and into a reservoir.

If you have to use either type of a device, put it on the opposite end of the room as the parakeet cage. You don't want a breeze blowing at a parakeet, perhaps giving them a chill.

For those who like fun facts, the technical term for a meter that measures humidity is a hygrometer.

Testing your Humidity:
Springfield Digital Thermometer / Hygrometer Review

Adjusting your Humidity:
Crane Ee-8064 Humidifier
Honeywell HCM-890 Humidifier
Honeywell Quietcare HCM-6009 Humidifier
Hunter CareFree Ultra 2G Wickless 34257 Humidifier
Sunbeam Warm Mist Humidifier
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Cleaning Humidifiers - important! Make sure you clean your humidifiers regularly.

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