Hunter CareFree Ultra 2G Wickless 34257 Humidifier

There are many reasons air can become too low on humidity. Winter often causes this to happen. In some areas, it is simply dry all year round. Dry air leads to dry skin. Since skin is your #1 barrier against infection, dry skin to lead to a host of problems. Never mind the discomfort of chapped lips, cracked fingers and a bleeding nose!

Hunter CareFree Ultra 2G Wickless 34257 Humidifier We have gone through many humidifiers over the years, trying different shapes, sizes and systems. One of the key features of this humidifier is that it has no filter. This is EXCELLENT. I cannot tell you how many humidifiers we've had where the company discontinues the model and now there is no way to get filters any more. It gets you in a cycle of always buying new humidifiers solely because there are no filters any more, even when the unit still runs perfectly. I am SO pleased with the idea of a filterless system.

I've heard from some owners that they have calcium crud in their water. You can hardly blame the *humidifier* if the water in your household has calcium problems!! That is a problem with the water you are bringing into your house, and it's a problem you can handle with either a system attached to your water line or by using treatment in the humidifier itself. To blame the humidifier because you're pouring calcium-rich water into it seems a bit silly. Also, this humidifier is brilliant because you can dishwash its parts. So if anything this is one of the easiest to clean humidifiers we have owned.

If you keep that calcium issue under control (an issue we don't have here, I should mention) then you don't get other issues with fan noise or crud build-up. The system runs very smoothly.

The water tank is very easy to fill up, although I admit I did find the shape a little odd at first. I've had other tanks which absolutely killed my hands to carry, either because they were extremely heavy or because they had sharp edges that dug into fingers. This one is easy to carry and, I feel, just the right weight. Not too heavy, but not so light that you have to refill it constantly during a day.

We have it set just over 50% for the room it's in and it maintains that without a problem.

Highly recommended!

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