Springfield Digital Thermometer / Hygrometer Review

Parakeets and budgies need a range of 60% to 70% humidity. An incredibly easy way to determine what humidity level they are experiencing is by getting an inexpensive hygrometer - a device which measures the level of humidity in the air.

Springfield Digital Thermometer / Hygrometer Review

I put the cork in the photo for a sense of scale. It's fairly small and can sit right by the cage. I got this for under $8 at WalMart. It measures the temperature in either F or C, the current humidity, and it also tracks the max and min values it has recorded, so you can see what range your room is fluctuating in. This is a perfect way to ensure you and your keets are staying healthy!

I found this very easy to use. It uses one AAA battery, not included. The back side is a clip so you can clip it to something on the wall, or just sit it beneath the cage. The buttons are large, clearly labelled, and easy to press. The display itself is also easy to read.

The unit measures very quickly. When we take it from room to room it resets to the new room's value in a very short period of time.

Highly recommended for anyone with pets - or anyone who wants to live healthy themselves. Having a good temperature and humidity is important for the health of all living creatures.

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