Sunbeam Warm Mist Humidifier

Having a proper humidity level is important in any room of any home. It is especially important if you have "fragile" creatures in any room - small pets, small humans, elderly humans or sick humans. Even the healthiest people and pets can have serious problems if their skin gets dried and cracked due to poor humidity. If your skin gets unhealthy, it affects your whole immune system.

Sunbeam Warm Mist Humidifier We got the Sunbeam Warm Mist Humidifier at our local WalMart. Studies show that there isn't much difference to humidity between a warm mist and a cool mist system. Some of our rooms get really chilly, though, so the warm mist makes a noticeable difference to me in those chilly evenings.

We have a mixed review here. I love it. It is REALLY quiet. I have to get right up next to it to determine if it's working. I like its smaller size, meaning it's easier for me to carry the water tank to and from the unit. I like that it makes a warm mist, making me more warm and cozy in a room. I use this in my bedroom. My only complaing with it is that the curved top handle makes it a pain to fill. I have to wedge that curved part in the tub to keep it from sliding as I put the water into it.

I would NEVER put this in a room with parakeets. The air / mist that comes out of it is, indeed, warm. If a keet got loose and flew down against it, I'd worry about their safety. You definitely need to maintain the humidify of any room a parakeet is in, but you need to do that in a safe, cool water fashion.

My boyfriend dislikes this unit for different reasons. He doesn't like that there's no way to tell if it is on or off. When it activates, it makes a quiet click, but then it takes a while for the inner heaters to heat up the water and start misting it. There's no "on light" or any other indicator that it is thinking about running.

Also, he feels the tank is too small. This might of course be a room by room situation. He wants to use it in a large room, and in that room it runs out in maybe six hours. We have forced hot water heat here and the rooms get VERY dry in the winter. I on the other hand think it's perfect for the small bedroom where it just needs to keep that room a healthy moisture level during the night hours.

So I would say this is great for a small room, for one without pets in it. For other purposes you probably want to look at the other options out there.

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