Venta LW15 Humidifier

This review is for the Venta Airwasher Humidifier LW15 WHITE unit. We have used many, many humidifiers over the years. We have forced hot water heat and the house gets incredibly dry in the winter. We have parakeets, cats, and a plethora of plants, so it's important to us to keep the house at a decent humidity level. It's of course good for us humans as well :).

Venta LW15 Humidifier So when we were offered a review copy of this Venta LW15 unit, we jumped at it. How much better could it be compared with all these other humidifiers we've tried?

The Venta has two speeds - high and low. Even on high, the fan is not crazy loud. We can watch TV with the unit nearby. I'll note of course it's not SILENT. The quietest humidifier we have is an ultrasonic. But the ultrasonic can't handle the volume that this LW15 does.

The LW15 works with a turning plastic wheel. That wheel turns, water fills in the gaps, and the water then comes out into the room. So there's no filter to change. Just a turning plastic wheel to clean.

We were impressed that this seems to be one of the most intelligently built humidifiers we've used. The fan sucks dry air down and blows it out over the water wheel, vs the water-laden air going over the fan mechanism and slowly damaging it.

So to reiterate, this unit doesn't need any filters. Because there's nothing interacting with the water like a filter, you only need to add a liquid additive every few weeks. That additive doesn't evaporate or get wicked away so you don't need to replace it with every refill.

The unit has a detector for emptiness, which would seem like a no-brainer, but we have several units that do NOT know when they are empty and just keep running. So it gets credit for that. On the other hand, since this is a turning wheel apparatus, by the time it gets to no water, it's already been running fairly ineffectively for a while. So it'd be nice if it had a yellow light when it was getting low, so you could refill it then. The effectiveness seems to vary with amount of water in it. As the water levels goes down, it doesn't seem to humidify as well. Again, this has to do with the wheel design.

For some strange reason, there's no humidity detection. The unit is either on or off. That's it. This baffles us. Having a unit that knows when to run and not to run is fairly basic.

Also, in terms of "forcing" the air to become fairly humid, this unit can't do that. It's not blasting vapor into air. It's just presenting water to the air that the air CAN pick up if it's a bit dry. So in general we find that our room won't go higher than 50% because air won't pick up the water any more. But it works nicely to get a room into the 40-50% range.

It has a nice, large capacity - 1.3 gallons. Also - and this is great!! - the filling bin sits flat in the sink. It's very nice for filling. Again you'd think all units should do this, but so many that we own have bizarre, art-deco style tanks which don't sit flat in the sink. It makes them a royal pain to fill.

You can add fragrance oil into the water. We've tested this out and it does add a nice aroma to the room. This isn't something you can normally do with the filter style units.

A final nice feature - when you refill it, it remembers the speed it was on before. Many units completely forget everything and you have to start again. Not a huge deal, but it's nice.

Well recommended.

This unit is fairly similar to the LW45, which we also reviewed.

We received a review copy of this unit.

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