Vornado Evap3 Humidifier

We've tried many, many humidifiers over the years. We have parakeets, cats, fairly expensive guitars, and other things in the house that care about humidity. This humidifier wasn't one of the worst we've used, but it's also not the best.

Vornado Evap3 Humidifier The plug that you put water through is just a quarter-turn release, which is nice. Some humidifiers have longer screws that gunk up and get stuck, and you really have to crank to remove them.

The humidity sensor seems to function well and be accurate, for turning on and off in auto-mode. So that's definitely a plus.

On the down side, it doesn't have a huge capacity and it doesn't have a run-empty detector which is a BIG issue. It just keep spinning and kills the filters quickly by doing that. Never mind the noise.

It has two fan speeds - low and high. You can also put it in "auto" which just means it cycles between the two as it needs to in order to meet its humidity goals. That is, if it's far from target it'll run on high, and if it's close it'll drop into low.

The humid air really just seems to go straight up. We're not sure that there's any bizarre "vornado" activity where it fills the room any better or worse than other humidifiers.

Within a week the edges of the filters were already getting "crunchy" so we started flipping them with every refill to try to help with that.

The shape and size of the water reservoir will sit flat in a sink - why don't they all do this!! Often with our other humidifiers we have to hold it the entire time to get it to fill. Here we can sit it and leave it. A strong plus.

So all in all, some good here, but we have other ones we prefer to use.

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