Fluffy the White, Fluffy, Friendly Cat

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A family we know had decided that their kids were allergic to their cats, and were thinking about giving them away to a shelter. The cats were 6 years old, so I was worried both that the cats might have trouble adjusting to a new home, and also that older cats rarely get placed and that they would be put to death. So we took them in. That was in March 2001.

They seem to be adjusting pretty well to our two existing cats. Perhaps the most important thing we learned involved Cats, Allergies, and Flea Collars. My boyfriend and I both had reactions to these new cats, and it ended up being the flea collars they wore. If you use flea collars, think about an alternative.

By 2002 Fluffy was about 15 pounds and had picked up an admirer - Julie. Julie follows Fluffy around and sticks her head under Fluffy's face until he gives in and starts cleaning her. Julie accepts this for a while and then lunges for Fluffy's neck to attack him, which is her signal to stop with the licking. Fluffy dutifully stops!

Unfortunately in late 2002 the conflict between Fluffy and our other big male, Hamlet, just got to be too much. Hamlet was hiding all the time and Fluffy was antagonizing him constantly. Luckily, we found a wonderful family to take Fluffy in that has 2 female cats. Fluffy is now king of his roost, and quite content with his new family. Hamlet has changed INCREDIBLY since Fluffy left the house, and now actually comes out, purrs a lot, is very friendly. So it was best for both cats.

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