Cat Food and Treat Reviews

Here are reviews of cat food brands I have tried. Note that most of these are WET foods. You can read through my informational pages to learn why I recommend wet pouch food, and what nuritional items you should look for when making your own cat food decisions.

Cat Food Basics
Wet Food, Canned Food, Dry Food Comparison
AAFCO Recommended Daily Vitamins for Cats
Calculating Nutritional Content in Wet Food
Common Ingredients found in Cat Food
Recommended Protein Amount in Cat Food
Recommended Taurine Amount in Cat Food

Pouch / Wet Food Reviews
Companion Gourmet Cat Food
Iams Select Bites
Meow Mix Upstream Dream
Nutro Natural Choice Complete Care
Purina Friskies Pouch Food
Whiskas Tender Bites

Comparison Chart of Reviewed Foods

Cat Treats
Friskies Hairball Remedy
Meaty Morsels treats from Pounce
Petite Cuisine Grilled Tuna Treats
Shrimp Nip Cat Treats
Trim Treats Low Fat Snacks

Fresh Water
Drinkwell Platinum Fountain

Cat Grass

Recycling Cat Food Cans

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