Cats and Intelligence

Cats are quite smart little animals! While you can easily train dogs to do tricks, cats are far more independent than that. Cats don't want to just follow orders. They'd rather lounge and do whatever they wish.

Even so, cats are very smart and can learn tricks if they wish. For example, every time I open a can, the cats come running in case it's for them. Certainly there are no cans out in the wild! They have learned quite quickly that a can opening often means a tasty treat for them!

Just like the sound of an opening can will bring your cat, in the exact same way you can train your cat to respond to other sounds. For example, if you always yell out "Feeding time!" before opeining the food, your cat will realize that this combination of sounds will involve food.

We've done this with one of our cats who loves moths. Our black cat, Hamlet, loves to chase and eat moths. Every time we see a moth, we cry out, "Mothie, Hammie!!" Hammie comes running and even makes a special call that he uses when hunting moths. He knows clearly that this call is about moths and nothing else.

Here's another fun test. Hide a smelly treat - like tuna fish oil - somewhere in a room. Put your cat in the room and see how long it takes her to find it. When she does, take her out of the room again. Bring her back in and see how long it takes her. Do that 3 or 4 times. Does she learn each time how to find the item more quickly? That's her memory in action!

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