Pet Cat Senses and Spices

Cats love to smell new smells. Every time I slide open my back porch sliding door, the cats run over to sniff at the fresh air and see what new aromas are brought in. Use this love to intrigue your own pets!

Sprinkle a little of one of these spices in a place your cat is known to go - near their food dish, near their favorite sleeping spot. Just use one of them, and then wait a few days. Use another one. See which ones they really enjoy!

* mace
* allspice
* cinnamon
* nutmeg

Of course, the spice cats most react to is catnip. They love its aroma. The aroma comes out best from the oil, released when the green leaf is crushed. This is why, when you sprinkle catnip on the floor, the cats roll around in it to break the leaves and release the oils.

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