Making Fun Cat Toys

Cats need to be able to play. Their minds were designed to hunt mice and birds on a daily basis - not to stare at the same wall all day long.

It's important that you create toys that help to keep cats entertained. Also, don't think that the same toy should keep a cat happy for life. You get new toys each year, don't you? You would be bored if you only had one toy and had to play with it for 15 years in a row. Your cat deserves new, interesting toys to keep him or her intrigued!

Cats in the wild like to chase little mice and birds around. Toys that work well are toys that are small and easy to "bat" with their paws. Cats love toys with texture, that make squeaks or crunches when they are played with. If you get a little bell and tie it to your toy, that works well.

Also, cats love interesting aromas. Make a little square of fabric and put a bit of mace, catnip, allspice, cinnamon or other intersting aroma. Add a bell or feather, and give it a toss!

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