Cat Red Skin Bubble

Cats tend to get little nicks on them as a way of life - especially if you are in a multiple cat household or let your cats outside. One of the results can be a red skin bubble, or a Pyogenic granuloma. You can see in the below photo that this one on our cat Juliet is fairly small, in scale with the fingers.

red skin bubble

These tend to appear at a place that was scratched. This makes sense, probably with the skin ruptured the blood vessels "poke through". This isn't very serious generally, but since there are a lot of blood vessels in that bubble if it gets squished or popped there can now be a lot of blood coming out of the wound.

red skin bubble

Small ones heal on their own, but larger ones might need a vet to take care of them. I am not a doctor, so it's really best to have a vet check out any odd issues with your cat to confirm!

red skin bubble

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