Juliet - Rescued from the Back Yard

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When Oscar died, we were left with just Hamlet. Hamlet was very lonely, but we weren't sure we wanted a second cat. Then one frigid snowy day in January 2000, I looked out at my back feeder. There, eating up bits of suet and drinking the snowwater, was one of the skinniest cats I'd ever seen. It was all skin and bones, and I swore it was only a kitten.

I called everywhere I could think of to see who had lost their cat. I was told by my neighbors that, because we live in a rural area, city folk are always driving their cats in to dump them. Apparently the city dwellers figure "they'll eat mice" or something. I was horrified. I kept calling, but nobody knew anything about this poor little creature.

Finally I put out some food for it, and it ate it up ravenously. I gave it a few more bowls, then took it into the basement. It purred up a storm and tried to stay with me when I went upstairs. I felt so badly for it down there that after a few hours I brought it up and checked it over. It was very thin but nothing else seemed out of sorts.

The next day I brought it to the vet, who said it was about a year old, in fine health except for the skin-and-bones state, and quite a good new addition to our family. I thought 'Ophelia' was a little depressing for a cat, so we named her "Juliet".

Juliet has quite happily adapted to the household, and is suprisingly picky about eating. She won't eat any "real" food, just her own catfood. She loves curling up with us when we sleep. She curls up in our motorcycling gear a lot.

By March 2001, Julie is 10 pounds. With another 'stripey' cat now in the house, it's sometimes hard to know which is Julie and which is Trevanian! Julie is a bit shorter, and much softer.

In 2002 Julie is now 12 pounds. She has completely fallen in love with Fluffy and curls up with him whenever she can. She gets him to lick her head to clean it, and when she's tired of the attention she starts biting his neck. Hmmmm.

Julie and Fluffy

Julie and Hamlet

By 2004 Juliet is the meowy one. She's the one that reminds us to feed or water or otherwise care for the cats. She claims the downstairs, while Hamlet gets all the upstairs.

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