Oscar - The Loud Siamese

Oscar was born around 1988, and had to be put to sleep in March 1999. Oscar was a chocolate-point Siamese cat and quite talkative. He was very cuddly too, and liked to lay by the fire. He once caught his fur on fire nuzzling against a candle. Foolish cat, luckily it was on our headboard so we "put him out". He learned his lesson.

When he heard the garage door opener, he trotted downstairs to meow his hello. He was very friendly and spent his days sleeping on the waterbed. His favorite food was the "older cat" salmon.

By January 1999, Oscar had gotten very slow and sleepy. In an attempt to give them both more "personalized" food, we now had a feeding station by the waterbed with Oscar's "senior food" and a bowl of water. This encouraged him to drink water more often. Also, he was a honorary member of the parakeet's flock, since their 4' high main cage was at the time in the bedroom (on a table with the exact same footprint). The cat couldn't sit next to it, but they seemed more content when he was asleep nearby on the bed. They seemed to think Oscar was a bigger, furrier parakeet.

His body eventually stopped processing food properly and he was in essence starving to death. Bob was there when they put him to sleep ... now he lives on in our memories.

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