Trevanian - The Stripey, friendly, lap cat

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A family we know had decided that their kids were allergic to their cats, and were thinking about giving them away to a shelter. The cats were 6 years old, so I was worried both that the cats might have trouble adjusting to a new home, and also that older cats rarely get placed and that they would be put to death. So we took them in. That was in March 2001.

Perhaps the most important thing we learned involved Cats, Allergies, and Flea Collars. My boyfriend and I both had reactions to these new cats, and it ended up being the flea collars they wore. If you use flea collars, think about an alternative.

Trevanian, being stripey, looks almost exactly like Juliet, our cat we found in our back yard. It's sometimes hard to tell them apart, but Trevanian is longer and has less soft fur. We like to call Trevanian "Geranium" because he now smells so nice (now that we shampooed out the remaining odor from that flea collar). He spends most of his time sitting on my lap while I work from home, and in fact is sitting there as I type this!

By 2002 Trevanian was around 15 pounds and quite the kneady cat. His favorite place to sit is on my lap, and he'll knead it for a minute or two to make sure it's soft enough before he settles down. This is great in the winter, a portable lap warmer!!

In 2003, we've found that the cats just aren't getting along well. Trevanian is actually quite a docile, easy going cat, but our original cat, Hamlet, is old and cranky and not very good at sharing anything. Hamlet was constantly harassing and bothering Trevanian. We found a new home for Trevanian - one where he is being treated like a king and is very happy. We were very sad to see him go, but we know he is far, far happier in his new location.

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