Nazo the Parakeet:
Raising a One-Year-Old Parakeet

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Nazo is an adorable green parakeet born August 20, 1997. We got her at barely 6 weeks, hand raised and fed. She immediately sat on our fingers, ate food from our hands, and in general was a cuddly little creature. She loves it when Bob scratches her head, especially under her neck. She also loves Bob's gold chain (which Bob always wears) so even if she can't see it, she'll try to burrow under Bob's clothes to get at it.

1998 - Nazo's First Year

Jan 99: Nazo learned how to take showers in Nov 98, and now quite frequently flies into the shower with Bob to play on his shoulder under the water. Jan also saw the arrival of Santo, our third parakeet. Nazo is very fond of Santo (probably a blessing compared to Pinto's current teenagerhood) and, being the only flighted bird (the other two still have their juvenile clipping) is looked up to and envied by the other two.

She is also extremely graceful. She can hover like a hummingbird, swoop under things and land sideways. She has never had any problem at all with being stuck somewhere - her favorite "high" perch is on the top of sliding closet doors. If we call out "UP" though, she flies down to us. This is an extremely important part of owning free-flighted birds - the resposibility of the owner to do full and proper training. Many people can't handle this responsibility, sadly. Read here for more information on proper care of a bird, flighted or not.

Feb 99: Nazo is preening Pinto! I couldn't believe it. They must be getting along better now or something ... Nazo has also become far more cuddly again. She's eagerly hopping onto our fingers and shoulders.

Nazo and a mirror - click for a larger view!

Nov 99: Nazo is now the poor picked on one. Strange, because she used to be grumpy herself, and now we all feel sorry for her. The two blue birds gang up on her, and she's the cuddliest one with us. She loves lettuce and taking baths, and hangs out in the bathroom to be alone, since the other birds are afraid to fly in there!

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