Pinto the Parakeet
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Pinto was acquired on November 6, 1998, at just six weeks old. I went back to the same shop we got Nazo from, where they hand-raise the chicks with the parents right there. We thought Pinto was a male - she was the bluest-cered, most non-chewy, most vocal parakeet of the bunch. Unfortunately, she of course is female :). Pinto was named that because of her spotted pattern - sort of like a pinto pony.

Nazo (green) and Pinto - with clipped wings

She's a light blue parakeet with much better trimmed wings. She can sort of soar and then plummet. Nazo flies around teasing her, and she tries to follow Nazo and then ... plummets. Then she chirps her little heart out to Nazo, who merrily responds. Pinto, with her clipped wings, gets into far more trouble and needs to be rescued far more often than flighted Nazo (who never, to my knowledge, has ever gotten stuck or jammed anywhere). Read More information about responsibly keeping birds, both flighted and clipped.

Pinto has been rather friendly with us, hopping on our fingers and figuring out how to fly to our finger long before Nazo ever did. Still, she's not talking either. Ah well. They both share the large cage now, and spend most of their time hopping around it. Pinto does have a penchant for hanging upside-down from the roof of the cage. Hmmmmm. Bat-Pinto?

Bob is a great Resting Spot for Nazo & Pinto

Jan 99: Pinto's head feathers are starting to grow in, and man is she cranky! She's nipping at Nazo now, being pouty, you name it. Nazo spends most of her time up on the sliding-door-ledge where she's safe from Pinto and is quite glad she can fly off when Pinto gets nippy. We're hoping Pinto grows out of this stage soon. Also, Pinto just got a new neighbor, Santo (who is still in his separate cage). Santo is very sweet, and Nazo spends time with him now, both avoiding the cranky Pinto. Hopefully when Pinto's feathers all come in she'll become more gentle.

Nazo & Pinto
Feb 99: Pinto's head is half-striped now - no new feathers replacing the other half yet. She's calmed down a bit, all 3 birds are in the same cage, and Nazo has started preening Pinto! Very bizarre. Pinto took her first bath on Feb 12th and loved it.

Pinto (left) and Santo (right)

Nov 99: Pinto is now the head of the flock. She bosses everyone else around and seems to for some reason have the longest feathers :) These Photos of Pinto's Encroaching show what is happening. Pinto follows Nazo around and harasses her ... and was scared of lettuce until Nazo happily ate half of it. Then Pinto wanted to try the stuff in Nazo's mouth and eventually had her own.

Pinto the Parakeet's Current Adventures

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