Santo Mario the Parakeet
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Santo Jan 99: Santo is our new little sweetheart - my 10 year old son, James, had always wanted a keet of his own. We decided that he could name a new keet, but that care and ownership would still fall to us adults since we are very strict about how the keets are handled. He has agreed, and on Jan 23rd we went to pick out a keet.

Bob spent quite a period of time trying to figure out which might be male. We went to the same pet store we got the other two at - they have them all hand raised and take exquisite care of the baby birds. It's a "personally owned" shop, not a big chain. We settled on Santo, whose full name is "Santo Mario". So now, loosely based on Christopher Columbus, we have the Nazo, the Pinto and the Santo Mario.

Of course, Santo ended up being female too ...

Pinto & Santo on the gym, Nazo on the 'travelling cage'

She's currently home in the small cage, "across the playgym" from the big 4' tall main cage. She's getting used to being in the house and is taken out twice a day to stretch and hop around. She loves climbing on the big cage and chirping at the other two keets. She's clipped and is learning quickly about "UP" and "NO" and other commands. Read more about training and care of parakeets.

Feb 99: Santo has moved in with the other two birds, and seems to be getting along pretty well. She's quiet and stays to herself, playing with the bells most of the time. She's the clumsiest of the group, poor little thing, and plummets worse than the other two ever did. She still hasn't tried the tub ...

Pinto (left) and Santo (right)

Nov 99: Santo now flies very well, gets along pretty well with the other birds, eats lettuce, and sometimes takes a bath. She's the shiest of the three, the least likely to hop on our fingers. The two "blue birds" often gang up on the "green bird" ...

Santo's Current Adventures

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