Cardboard Tube Toy
Making Parakeet Toys

The big warning here is do NOT use cardboard tubes from toilet paper!! Parakeets love to chew and any cardboard you put near them is going to be gnawed on. You do NOT want them gnawing on something that has been handled by unclean hands often. Be sure to get cardboard tubes from paper towel rolls and other sources.

Cut a paper towel roll tube in half. Cut two small holes on either side of the top center. Run a good thickness string through there - I like hemp, but you can use cotton as well. Run the thread through the 2 holes so that the cardboard can't "slip out" from the hangar you are making. I know it's hard to see in this photo, but the string is going IN to the tube at the centerpoint of the tube, on the top of the picture underneath the knot. The string comes back out of the tube out of another hole lower down on the forward side.

Wrap the string around the bottom of the tube, then up again and tie it in a knot. This stops the tube from easily flopping back and forth like a see-saw. Now tie this tube to your cage.

Parakeets are natural acrobats and love climbing in and around things! Your parakeet should have great fun climbing in and out of the tube, and chewing on it. When the parakeet has chewed the tube up completely, put in a new one!

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