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Friday - Driving to Dover UK

Friday morning I had my alarm set for 8am, to get ready for our 8:30am breakfast. I woke up at 7:50 and turned off the alarm - and promptly fell back asleep :) I woke up again at 8:20am and raced through the shower and got down to breakfast at 8:32am. They didn't have any ham today so I only had some cheese and a bowl of cereal with my OJ.

We ate quickly, checked out, and then headed up to Boulard to pick up our Chamagne. That was a quick stop, then we were right off again to get to the ferry.

I saw fighter jets along the way - probably practicing for the air show! When we got near the chunnel the exit was blocked off so we had to go past and turn around. We got into the proper lane. We were able to register for the earlier train - but the line was fairly long and they checked our car (and our entire line) twice for explosives with a swab wand on the dashboard. Finally when we got through the line our train had already finished loading so we now had to load onto the next one.

Luckily the wait was very short and soon we were driving onto the train. I took video this time! The crossing was quick - 30 minutes - and then we were off the other end and driving towards Dover.

Things were easy until we got near Dover. Then it was a HUGE backup for a solid hour going into Dover. We couldn't find the hotel. We went out the other side and found a restaurant for food - typical English pub food. Then we called Bob and then Peter's son for directions. We turned around and drove through Dover twice because all the roads were blocked off for the huge air show. Finally we got to the hotel - gorgeous, right on the ocean! - and I was all set. Peter and Joan headed off home.

Once I checked in, I went right down with my laptop to the bar area to sign on. I Skyped with Bob for a while, then Gillian appeared! We talked for a while, and then Tracie showed up! She had to wait 1.5 hrs in France on the ferry while the air show on their end did their acrobatics. The air show apparently runs 10am to 10pm tomorrow- right outside our door! Very neat!

We had dinner at 7pm which was delicious. Then we walked all along the beach, stepped foot in the water, then walked into town to the bank machine and explored. Finally we came back to the hotel and talked into the night. It was midnight before we turned in, agreeing to meet at 8:30am for breakfast the next morning.

What a gorgeous beach, and an amazing Dover Castle is up on the white cliffs above us! It is very powerful to think of medieval people having this same scene with the castle high above them.

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