Dover UK 2009 BellaOnline Gathering
Saturday - The Gathering!

Saturday was the main day of the gathering! We already had two editors at the hotel - Gillian and Tracie. We had four more planning on coming in for the day to join us! Everyone had my cell phone number and we had approximate arrival times for two of the editors. So our plan was to leave notes at the front desk about where we were, wait for the phone calls, and play it by ear!

Tracie, Gillian and I wandered into town and a tourist helper person saw us looking around and suggested a restaurant around the corner. It was lovely! Delicious food, very relaxing. Then we headed back to the hotel and found a table to sit at under an umbrella on the waterfront side. I got all my pendants and notebooks and everything else.

In short order the phone began ringing. It was Angeles and her husband! We coordinated where we were and soon they were at the table. The conversation began. A short while later Joanna and her husband arrived. These were the two editors we had times for, so we tried emailing the remaining two to find out their ETA. We didn't have cell phone #s for the remaining two editors. People were getting hungry so we decided to go for food. Angeles' husband was not feeling well so they headed back to London. The rest of us headed out to a restaurant, and left a note at the front desk for the remaining two editors.

Lunch was good but slow, and we got back to the hotel after quite a while. We tried setting up Skype but no editors were around to talk :) So we continued our discussions of traffic building, income earning, publicity bringing, time management and much more. We got an email from one of the "absent editors" that she had an emergency situation and couldn't make it, so that only left one MIA :) We walked up and down the waterfront, got to see the Lancaster bomber fly overhead, but the spitfire unfortunately had a tail problem and couldn't fly. Then the Bleriot couldn't fly either! Apparently it was too windy. So now we were just waiting for the 6pm flight of the Red Arrows (the British Blue Angels). We were waiting ... and waiting ... and suddenly there was a woosh - no warning - and they streaked overhead! I barely got my camera turned on in time. And that was it! They only did one pass and left. You'd think they'd circle around or something :)

In any case, Joanna and her husband headed out, and Gillian, Tracie and I went into town to look for dinner. Amazingly EVERY single restaurant was stuffed. You would have thought somewhere would be open! I called back to the hotel and thank goodness they were able to stuff us in, and we went back for food there. It was good. Then we went out for the fireworks which were really quite spectacular. I did a youtube video of them that I'll load up shortly. Then it was time to sleep!

Dover UK / Champagne FR Trip

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