Monday - Chicago IL Gathering

Most of the remaining editors were heading out today, so Jilly, Jeanne and I planned on a day at the zoo and walking along the lake. We gave a fond farewell to the editors and took the hotel shuttle over to the local subway system. This was quick, easy, and free.

The helper at the subway there was very friendly and showed us exactly how to buy our tickets. Just put in a $5 bill, hit "vend" and it kicks out a ticket good all day long. Then you put the ticket itself into the turnstile and it lets you through. Midwestern hospitality!

We got to the rail area and a train showed up right away! Perfect! It was a long ride into the city itself, and we got off at the indicated stop. We followed the signs up to the street and there was the 151 bus waiting for us! Again, perfect! We got on and settled in to the back seats. It was a fairly long ride out to the zoo area. The bus riders were very good about letting us know when the stop was coming up, and it was free to enter! Hurrah!

The zoo was *great*. Jeanne had a ton of African animals for her site, plus a ton of plants too! She took over 100 photos of just plants. We did yoga tree poses, a tradition we began in DC!

Then we found a cafe to have burgers and wine, and relaxed, looking out over the park. A friendly seagull kept us company.

Now it was time to find the lake. We walked down a pretty canal, then crossed over the highway to the lake itself. It looked as large as an ocean, and there were plenty of people out on the beach. It was very hot, but we took the walk slowly and were able to enjoy the water and scenery. We walked out onto a pier, and then moved into the actual Navy Pier area. Helen texted us to let us know what restaurants to look for. We stopped in at one for drinks and appetizers, and then a second one for the main meal. The sun slowly set, and the evening was quite lovely.

When we were done, we headed into the city proper. It took us a few tries to figure out where the subway station was, but eventually we found it, got back to our station, and the hotel shuttle picked us up to bring us home. We were exhausted by now and I went right to bed! I actually slept well!

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