Saturday - Chicago IL Gathering

Saturday is traditionally our main day of activities at the Gathering. We had stayed up late several nights in a row already, so we got a relatively late start, around 10am. We sat in the lounge area and went around person by person, sharing our personal and professional goals. Each person had an opportunity to talk about their goals, and then the rest of us brainstormed ways to help them get there. It was great fun and very informative!

Soon we were hungry and decided to order in some authentic Chicago deep dish pizza. The hotel was AWESOME and gave us free meeting rooms for the entire day, so we moved over to a "banquet room" and set up for lunch! It was wonderful to have a traditional local dish like this. The pizza was VERY thick. A single slice was more than I could eat! It was almost like a calzone.

Once we finished with the pizza, we began the vision boards. Deb had volunteered to run this one for us! Moe, our Large and Lovely editor, joined us via Skype and she was able to show us her vision board on the computer! It was too cool to have a remote editor joining in the fun. Since we'd begun with our goal setting sessions, everyone knew what everybody else was thinking about and we were able to grab images or words from magazines for each other. It was a community effort and lots of fun.

Deb took this photo so she's not in the picture :) Caroline had to leave before this session began.

Several editors also set up "boutique tables" so the other editors could look through their wares and do a bit of shopping!

Now it was time for Rae's talk. We relocated into a smaller boardroom, and again Moe was with us for it. Rae talked about how to earn money on Squidoo and Hubpages, and what types of income each one was better for. It was fascinating information!

I had hand calligraphied certificates for each of us, with a blank line for the "achievement" the certificate celebrated. We each filled in a goal, and then we passed them around for everyone else to sign. These would serve as inspiration for us in the coming months!

I also brought a collection of crystals and passed those around. Each person chose a crystal that they liked. We then passed the crystals around the room. So for example say Jill was sitting on my left. On the first pass, I would now be holding Jill's stone in my hand. I focused on the stone, sending good wishes into it for Jill and her new home and dreams of eco living. On the next pass, I would be holding Jeanne's stone. I sent her stone good wishes for her family and her new ebooks. When the stones had finished their trip around the table, we each had a special memento to bring home with us!

It was now heading towards evening time. Some of the group wanted to go into town and explore, while other members wanted to remain at the hotel. In the end Helen, Camille, Rae and I piled into Helen's car for the trip. We had a great time walking down Millennium Mile and exploring the city, then found a lovely restaurant for dinner.

Then it was time to say goodbye to Rae, and the rest of us headed back to the hotel! Another late night!

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