Sunday - Chicago IL Gathering

A group of editors had decided to go in to the art museum for the morning, so those who stayed behind had a Skype session on stress management and time management with Edie, our Mystery Books editor. It was very useful! We came up with great suggestions on the topic. First, make a list of the items you have to do, to prioritize them. Mark each item with the amount of time it takes, the dollar mount it's worth, and the level of happiness it brings you. You can either use a numerical rating system or a symbol system (one to five dollar signs, for example). Sort them out in a way that makes sense to you.

TweetSpinner is a good way to bulk load Tweets up so your Twitter feed gets updated daily without tying you to a computer.

Use a timer and do work for 15-30 minutes at a set, then take a break. You can time the break too so that you don't get lost all day long in web surfing. Update your Facebook status with what you've done, so your "cheerleading team" encourages you to keep going.

For earning money, try which lets you sell items or earn money in five dollar chunks. Those can add up quickly! You can do easy things like send a postcard from your local area, or sell individual craft items!

Then it was lunchtime, so we walked out to a local restaurant. It turns out that the restaurant was closed for a private event, so we explored and found another restaurant further out - Ram, a brewery. It was delicious and the waiter was very nice, so we left him personalized notes on our receipt, which is a tradition we developed back at our Orlando gathering!

Then we walked back to our hotel. Along the way we called in to the editors who had returned from their trip, and arranged to meet up in the courtyard of the local Marriott. They had a lovely courtyard area with couches and chairs in the shade. Perfect!

We all met up there and talked about a variety of goal setting topics, brainstorming for each person what could help them in their situation.

After about an hour we moved inside, got some drinks, and relaxed in their lounge, continuing our brainstorming progress.

Then it was time for more bag decorating! Some of the editors had decorated their bags Saturday night, and we did another batch now, by the pool. Some editors lounged in the jacuzzi, others played in the fun pool, and we took turns signing each other's goody bags, drawing on butterflies, and having fun. It was great!

By now people were hungry so we showered and headed out. We tried a few restaurants which were either closed or iffy before we headed back to Ram's again. Again they were great with delicious food and nice drinks. We had more brainstorming sessions while we ate, then headed back to rest up!

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