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My father had stayed over the night, so on Friday, December 3rd, 2010, we woke up bright and early to prepare to start our trip. Bob drove us in to the airport, and it was very smooth for us to do the electronic check-in and walk through security. We both only had one carry-on with us, so no checked luggage. They had free wi-fi in the airport so Dad checked his mail on my laptop while we waited at the gate. It turns out the plane was full so they made me check my bag anyway, and I hand carried my laptop on the plane. I then promptly fell asleep! So I didn't need my laptop after all.

When we landed in Charlotte, NC, we both were hungry. USAir hadn't fed us on the flight (not even a snack). We looked at a number of the fast food restaurants, then Dad was sweet and had us eat at the sit-down sushi restaurant there. He had tuna rolls, and I had edamame (soy beans) plus salmon rolls and tuna sashimi. It was all very tasty. There was even a pianist next to us playing live Christmas music! It was lovely. Then we went to baggage claim and got my bag. Next was the Enterprise desk to check in for the car, and hop on the shuttle. It was only a short while before we were in our car and rolling down the road. I had brought my GPS with us so we were all set!

It was about 2 1/2 hours to get down to Denmark South Carolina where Dad's brother Blake lives with his family. The first part of the ride was on large highways but then it turned into very rural roads. We saw scatterings of white along the side of the road which in New England would have been snow, but here they were cotton remnants from the recent harvest.

We did fine right up until we got on his road. Then the GPS was vague about which house was his. The house number seemed to be missing. We finally stopped in front of two likely houses and called Blake's phone number from our cell phone. Blake came out from the blue house and waved at us! We were here! Hurrah!

We had a lovely time talking with Blake and his wife Tammy, and met his son Josh. Then one daughter, Heather, came over with her family. We caught up with how everyone was doing. Dad had wanted a healthy dinner, so Tammy made us a delicious meal of fresh chicken with green beans and crescent rolls. They even bought some wine for me. Very lovely!

Then it was back to the living room. It was time for Guitar Hero! They have a Wii and most of the Guitar Hero / Rock Band games. Here's Blake playing while Dad watches -

Soon Blake's niece, Kayla, came over and Blake and Kayla began playing at expert level. They are quite good at the game! I sang along. Eventually everyone else went to sleep and it was just me and Kayla playing, and then I too headed to bed.

Saturday - Georgia

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