Georgia - Waller Family Reunion - Denmark South Carolina

Saturday morning I got up at about 8am and was worried I'd be the last one up. Usually I'm the slow one in the house. So I showered and headed downstairs - but it turns out nobody else was awake. Kayla was asleep on the couch and the rest of the family was all sleeping. Kayla's father showed up soon afterwards to take her home, and I worked on my laptop at the kitchen table and had some Frosted Flakes. Eventually Blake came down to have his coffee with me, then Dad rolled awake and we were in motion. We sat around the kitchen table talking and sharing stories until Dad realized it was already 11am and that we would be late if we didn't head out soon! We all gathered our items and got into Blake's car. I set up the GPS and we were off.

It was an easy ride out to Augusta, Georgia. We saw freshly harvested cotton fields along the way. Soon we were pulling up to the lovely brick house and knocked on the door. Vince's son answered, and we were soon meeting all our family members! Vince was off getting his mother Dot from her home, and they arrived shortly. Dad had last seen his cousin in 1958 - quite a long time ago!

(photo by Tammy Waller)
George Waller, Dot Whiting, Lisa Shea - 3 generations of Waller

The LaBons laid out lovely sandwich meats, cheeses, and we had a relaxing lunch. We all sat around talking and sharing stories. Aunt Dot's voice is going but she was able to tell a variety of tales about her days in college, training to be a nurse, and her moving around after that.

Annette suggested we all go for a walk along the canal, so we packed up two cars and headed out. The canal was lovely! Aunt Dot had a rolling walker and was faster than many of the rest of us. We talked as we walked, enjoying the sunshine. We even saw a friendly banded snake!

(photo by Annette LaBon)

From left to right: Vince LaBon, George Waller, Dot Whiting, Blake Waller, Lisa Shea, Tammy Waller

Eventually we were done with our walk and headed back to the house. We swung by a location where there should have been kudzu but it was all shut down for the winter. Back at home we played with the dogs, taping a laser light to the ceiling fan to send the dog in circles. Eventually it was time for dinner.

We headed out to a lovely Italian restaurant in Augusta. There were even fireworks as we pulled into the restaurant - a nice treat! The meal was delicious and we had a lot of fun talking and sharing information. At one point Dad's napkin was sticking to the bottom of his beer glass so I sprinkled salt on the napkin to keep it from sticking. The rest of the family seemed to think I was a little insane, but I demonstrated that it did in fact work.

Vince talked about how how his grandmother used to sing "Barnacle Bill the sailor" to him so I used my phone to try to find it on YouTube, without much success. I put that off as a project for later.

Then it was time to leave. We said our goodbyes and headed out! Back at home Blake had DVRed the SC football game, so we stayed up until 1am watching that. It had a sad outcome.

Sunday - Birthday Party

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