Tammy Birthday - Waller Family Reunion - Denmark South Carolina

Sunday morning I slept in until 10am and I still managed to be the first person awake. Once again Blake came down second and hung out with me at the table while we talked. Then it was time to prepare for Tammy's birthday party!

It seemed like the entire world descended on the house. Josh was there, as well as Heather and her family. Lori Beth, the daughter we hadn't met yet, arrived with her family. Tammy's brother and his family came along. There were other family friends as well. Dad and Blake went out for pizza, and soon we were sitting on every seat-like location enjoying our pizza and soda. Then it was time for cake and ice cream!

I did record a video of the birthday song but I can't seem to find it right now. I'll post that later! After the food was consumed, people started heading home. Dad and I did drawings on their famous "wall of mementos" in their dining room -

Cassion (my brother) drew an angry snake when he visited several years ago. I had enjoyed an awesome time talking to various relatives in this room and sought to bring a more peaceful atmosphere to the wall. So I climbed up on a stool (this drawing was up at the ceiling level) and decorated the snake with little red hearts and a rose, and gently transformed him into a Love Snake :) Peace and serenity!

My grandfather had signed the wall back when he visited in 1996.

We sat in the living room talking some more, but then it was 4pm and time for us to go. We packed up and headed out to the car. Then Tammy's mother met up with us there and we were able to say hello, which was quite nice! Then we were off.

The ride back to the airport was uneventful, guided smoothly by the GPS. We dropped off the car and took the shuttle back to the airport proper. Checkin was smooth and easy. We had some chips and salsa at a Mexican restaurant, then went to the gate. Unfortunately our plane had maintenance problems! They kept saying "we'll give you an update in five minutes". Finally we gave up on them and switched to a flight to a nearby airport. We'd been Skyping with Bob the entire time on my phone so he knew what was going on. We switched to the other gate, got on that plane without any issues, and soon we were home! Bob picked us up, and our trip was complete!

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