Boulder Colorado Travelogue - Sunday

Sunday was the day we traveled out to Boulder! My Dad stayed over Saturday night. In a way it was lucky that Bob's gig had been canceled for Saturday night or he would have been driving us to Boston on 2 hours of sleep. Tammy was driven to our house Sunday morning by Charlie, and then we all piled into my car. Bob drove us right to Logan, dropped us off, and we checked in with plenty of time to spare.

The airline was fairly strange - we had already booked our seats but because the flight was full they completely rearranged - it seemed - everyone on the plane to make some peoples' families work out better. Fairly odd. In any case we were soon on the plane, I slept the whole way out there, and then we landed in Denver!

We got the shuttle to our rental car fairly easily and I set up my GPS. I programmed in the hotel's address in Boulder and we were off. It was only maybe 40 minutes later when we were driving down the street, but we didn't see the hotel! It turns out I transposed the last two digits of the address and it was across the street. Luckily my mistake was fairly minor :) We were at the hotel in a few minutes and checking into our room.

Dad, Tammy and I had lunch at the hotel restaurant, and then headed back to the room. Cassion soon showed up, and we swung by his house to meet his cat.headed out with him to play some frisbee golf. It was great fun! We all took turns throwing and sometimes we even did fairly well.

We ate at the hotel restaurant, then later Cassion, Tammy and I hung out in the pool and hot tub. It was lovely!

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