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Saturday morning was the first day of our BellaOnline editor get-together. I had planned to wake up at 8am and do yoga and then have breakfast. Instead, I was so exhausted that I barely got up at 9:30am to just head down to the lobby to start meeting people.

Editors rolled in over time, we handed out the various notebooks and pens and pencils, and once we had everyone we headed out to the outside patio. We thought about a row of benches along the river first, but quickly realized that the actual restaurant seating area was open for our use! Perfecto! We settled ourselves there and it was absolutely beautiful. The sun was shining, the Tower Bridge was right there, the river was drifting by, and we began our various talks.

At noon we walked over to the nearby restaurant area - called St. Katharine's Docks - which was also along the edge of docks. After looking at the menus of three restaurants along the dockyard strip we all voted for the first one, and Italian restaurant named Zizzi. It had a great selection of items and we found a table beneath their canopy while against the water's edge. I learned that in England an eggplant is called an aubergine, and I had aubergine parmesian for lunch. We talked here for a while.

We headed back to the hotel and by now the hotel had moved my things from the smaller two-twin-beds into a larger suite which they'd nicely upgraded me to at a discount rate. The suite was *perfect* for us to have our afternoon sessions in. The living room area had a couch and several chairs that we arranged into a circle. I ordered us up some fruit and cheese, and we had a kitchen area to make tea and coffee in, and we had a delightful time! We talked about a variety of topics and ended with creating certificates to celebrate our achievements.

Day one of the gathering was set!

We headed downstairs to watch the Tower Bridge open and let the SB Gladys pass through. That was very neat! Then we went inside to the restaurant for dinner. They gave us a great table right along the windows and we had a delicious dinner. There was a beautiful rainbow, and the Tower Bridge opened a second time! Quite a perfect evening.

Eventually people had to head out to their various locations. A few editors remained to hang out with me, and the first evening came to a close. I'll comment here that the staff at Guoman was *super* in helping us with every step. They were friendly and gracious, and I was just so pleased we'd chosen their hotel.

Photos from Saturday

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