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Sunday morning we all gathered in the suite area, relaxing and enjoying ourselves, then headed out to the front patio area again by the Tower Bridge to have our morning sessions. Again we were blessed with beautiful sunny weather and it was so much fun to have the Thames River right there. Peter May gets special kudos for bringing a ton of show-and-tell books and reports to explain to everyone how self publishing works.

Soon it was time for lunch! We headed to a different street in the same dock area and found a lovely French style restaurant - Cafe Rouge. We settled in for a delightful lunch that everyone enjoyed.

Then, back up to the suite for our afternoon of talks. This was our smoothest gathering ever in terms of answering everyone's questions, tackling every topic on the list, having enjoyable places to talk, and finding delicious restaurants that everyone liked!

All too soon it was time for several people to head on back home. We wished them a fond farewell. Then a few of us headed out to dinner at Strada - an Italian restaurant in the same area. Again, delicious food. I highly recommend eating in this area of London. The food is great, the scenery is lovely, and it's quite relaxed.

Now it was just down to me! I went into the bar area of the Guoman Tower Hotel to check that out. It also had amazing views of the Tower Bridge! The hotel is just amazing. I had some egg roll appetizers as a dessert snack, finished up my week's assignments for my online degree I'm earning, and then headed up to bed.

A delightful weekend with the BellaOnline editors!

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