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Thursday morning I woke up bright and early at 7:30am so I could be ready when Peter headed out at 8am to get the morning paper. We had a delightful walk through the quiet streets of St. Albans - an incredibly historic town that dates back to the Roman era. It has fascinating Roman walls and mosaics, plus a medieval cathedral. We got the paper and returned to a breakfast of tea (for me), coffee (for Peter and Joan), and toast with home made blackberry jam. Absolutely delightful.

Ye Olde Fighting Cocks Something intriguing to me about England is they can leave their back doors wide open to let in the breeze and they aren't innundated with bugs. In my home in Massachusetts if we left the back sliding glass door open like they do we'd soon have ladybugs, tiger beetles, moths, butterflies, and who knows what else flying all around the house.

Soon we got a call from Paul, a winemaker from California who was in the area and wanted to visit for the day. Peter and I headed over to the train station to pick him up. We went back to the house and had an interesting discussion about his winery, and then it was time to head out for some exploring! The day was rainy, so Peter cut back on the walking part of the tour and we focused on more stationary things.

First we went to the Roman Museum, which I'd visited before with Peter and is always worth multiple trips. They've got a huge amount of mosaics, pottery, weapons, coins, and other items that had been dug up in the area. I've got a number of photos from that. Then we walked along a beautiful park full of ducks and geese to a traditional English pub. Called Ye Olde Fighting Cocks, it has been certified as being the oldest pub in England! It is great. I had a Guinness beef pie and some ale. Tasty. Then we walked on to the St. Albans Cathedral which is the site of England's first martyr. I love the cathedral, it features gorgeous woodwork and many historic items.

Then we walked through St. Albans town, and stopped for some tea. A quick taxi ride back home again, and we had a great dinner along with wine and more discussion. It was a thoroughly delightful evening! All too soon Paul had to head back to his hotel, and the rest of us headed to bed.

Photos of St. Albans - about 70 photos from the Roman museum, the St. Albans landscapes, and the Cathedral.

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