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Friday morning Melissa and I woke up, I did my yoga by the pool, then did a quick tour with my local contact at the hotel. On the way back to the room I took numerous photos of the cute ducklings that were in the marina area.

Soon Jilly and Jeanne joined us. It was hardly any time at all before Deanna was in. We walked over to Bali Hai, a local polynesian themed restaurant. We got to see one of the "seal" vans drive right into the water! It was cool. The restaurant was great; we had delicious food. The views out over the water from the patio were beautiful. Soon Tammy called us and met us there! We had a delightful walk back to the hotel.

We still had the whole afternoon stretching out before us, so we all decided to go off to Balboa Park for the afternoon!

Gay Pride was coming up so parking was fairly challenging. We eventually found a spot to park in and walked into the main park area. It was gorgeous! We visisted the sculpture garden by the Globe Theater and each chose our favorite sculpture. Jeanne chose a plant :).

bali hai We went by the water gardens and Deanna pretended to feed the fish since we were on a "breaking the rules" kick. Tammy even got to have a conure on her hand!

We explored the rose garden, the native plants garden, the butterfly garden, a giant Moreton Bay Fig Tree that is over 100 years old, and the knot garden. There were an amazing number of gardens here, and each one was quite beautiful.

We then headed back to our cars and drove back to the hotel area. We found a delightful restaurant - Old Venice - and got a gorgeous table in their open patio area, surrounded by candles and glowing lights and fountains. The food was delicious.

All too soon it was time to head back to the hotel and get some sleep!

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