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Monday was a quiet day for me, Melissa, Jeanne, and Jilly to first explore Torrey Pines park and then take a harbor cruise. But first on our agenda - stop by Jilly's parents' house to play with her newborn kitten. We fed it, let it walk around a bit, and then we were off!

Torrey Pines Torrey Pines is a lovely natural area with beautiful walks overlooking the ocean. The Torrey Pine is a rare type of pine tree that only grows in two locations. First we went around the small tourist center to look at the history of the area. Then we did three different walks around the area, each revealing a different aspect of the landscape. We took a ton of photos. We even spotted an elusive "seaweed snake" in the water and joked about how it was sneaking up on people.

Then we headed down to Mission Beach to get a feel for the boardwalk aspect of California. There were skateboarders, beach-lovers, bars, gift shops, and rides as well.

Next it was time to head back to the hotel for a quick shower and change!

By 7pm we were checking in for our harbor cruise. We went with Flagship cruises. Parking was right across the street, and we were greeted by the captain as we stepped on board. We each were given a glass of Champagne, and our table was right against the window. It was delightful!

Our waitress was friendly and made sure we had everything we needed. She had the fruit plate for Jeanne as we all had our salads, which were great. The apple in the salad added a crisp freshness to it. Then the main course which I adored. Jill and I had the standard beef plus crab with veggies and mashed potatoes. I ate some of everything until I was stuffed. The beef, especially, was just the way I love it - flavorful and rich. Jeanne had a double salad and couldn't come close to finishing it, and Melissa had the veggies and mashed potatoes and loved them.

Then on to dessert - chocolate chip cookies for Jeanne and Melissa, chocolate cheesecake for Jilly and me. They were both delicious desserts.

We got gorgeous photos of San Francisco in the sunset, and wandered around on the top deck to admire the all-around view of the water. There was dancing on the lower deck, but we didn't go down for that. There were even fireworks as we headed back into the dock!

A delightful way to end a fun weekend of activities. Then back to the hotel, and it was time to pack!

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