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Saturday was the main day of our Gathering, with the most people attending.

bellaonline editors I did my morning yoga by the pool, and it was everything I could hope for in an ideal yoga session. The day was clear and calm, the water birds swam serenely past my spot by the pool, and it was delightful. Then I headed over to the main patio for breakfast and editors began joining in.

We did our 10am session right there, and as the morning turned into afternoon we relocated into the dining area for lunch, then stayed there with the gorgeous views as we did our sessions. Eventually we wound up in the comfy lounge of the building by the smaller pool. We took breaks every 45 minutes for people to stretch and relax, and we skyped in a variety of editors from both the US and UK! It was all quite delightful.

When dinner time came around we voted to walk over to Miguel's, a local Mexican restaurant, as Jill said that San Diego was famous for its Mexican food. There was a bit of a wait, so we first walked over to a chocolate shop. The staff there were delightful and gave us free samples! We highly recommend "The Elegant Truffle". Then we got our table eat Miguel's and enjoyed a delightful dinner. By the time we got back to the hotel, it was time to sleep!

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