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yoga Sunday was the second main day of training. I was at poolside bright and early, 8am, and the weather was just perfect. I set up my timer and did 45 minutes of yoga, enjoying the view of the marina, birds floating past me as I did my poses. Then a quick shower, and over to the restaurant area for breakfast. Editors came in to join us, and then at 10am we began our day.

We went through a variety of topics, moving down by the pool for a while, and then inside to our quiet room that overlooked the pool. We did a session where we helped each person with whatever goals and dreams they had. Slowly, one by one, the editors had to head on home. I took some photos from Deanna and Tammy's lovely balcony room, overlooking the marina, while helping them check out.

Soon it was down to me, Melissa, Jilly, and Jeanne again.

We ordered a pizza in our room, hung out by the outdoor fireplace for a while until it arrived, and then relaxed!

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