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Thursday I woke up feeling rested and relaxed. The hotel had upgraded me from my standard room to a junior suite so we would have space for the editors to meet and coordinate, which was very nice of the hotel! The extra space definitely came in very handy over the coming days.

I did an hour of yoga on my front porch area, facing out over the bay. It was simply delightful. I roamed the hotel, having a lunch of mahi mahi over spinach, taking photos of the pool areas and beautiful marina walk.

aircraft carrier Then I set up in a chair on the porch, working on my schoolwork, until Jilly and Jeanne arrived. A huge aircraft carrier drifted right past our front porch! Quite amazing. This image shows just how close the hotel is to the bay side - and the other side of the hotel overlooks the marina.

Soon Melissa had come in to join us, and we spent the afternoon walking along the bay, admiring the flowers, taking photos, practicing tree pose and relaxing. We came to a sign with a variety of wildlife displayed on it, and we each pointed at our favorite one for the photos. We passed by a sculpture of three men fishing which was a bit phallic.

Jeanne became the grass guru and pointed out her favorite grassy spot!

It was a beautiful day, and we even got to ring a Japanese friendship bell at the far end of the island. We weren't sure if the "no tresspassing" sign meant not to go into the bell's enclosure or if it meant not to even approach the bell.

It seemed like no time at all before the moon had risen, we were back at the hotel, and relaxing!

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