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Tuesday morning was the day of departure. Jeanne left first, heading out on an early flight. Then Melissa was packed up and left. Jill and I sat by the main pool for several hours, watching the seagulls float in the pool and steal shrimp from the patio area. I caught up on my school forum postings and talked with Jill about the various topics being brought up.

As the day progressed we relocated up to the patio area and had some nachos while watching the ducks, herons, and egrets in the marina area. Soon Sabira showed up and we enjoyed conversation.

All too soon it was 7:30pm - time for me to head home. I gathered my bag from the front desk and hopped on the shuttle. In only five minutes I was at the airport. There was no line at check-in, and while they offered me a $250 voucher to take a later flight, I wanted to get home! I refused. There was barely a line at security. Getting to the gate was a breeze - it was right by the security exit! The shortest check-in I've ever had at all. I found a seat by the window and settled in to wait.

The flight back to Newark was uneventful, and I landed there about 5am. Then I just had to stay awake enough to get onto the plane to Boston, get picked up by my darling Bob, and go home to sleep for 10 hours!

An amazingly delightful trip!

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