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Wednesday started, as any trip I take starts, with a mad flurry to get packed up :). I am always so busy that I put packing off until the very last minute and am running around like a whirlwind trying to gather up everything I need. I took two bags with me on the way out, one a duffle bag I'd leave behind so I would only have one bag on the way back. That way I wouldn't have to pay the bag fee in both directions. I bring a lot of goodies to give away to the editors so my return home is always lighter.

When I was finally ready, Bob drove me out to Logan Airport, getting me there two hours ahead of the flight time. Check in was fairly simple. I was still fairly wound from the frenzy of packing and the lack of sleep the night before, so when I got on the plane, I forgot that unlike 99% of my flights, I hadn't booked a window seat because they'd all been full. So I told the guy in the window seat that he'd taken my seat :). He didn't blink an eye, he got up and gave it to me. I then began wondering if it was really true, looked up the seat map on my smart phone, and realized I had taken HIS seat. I offered to give it back to him, but he said that was fine. I made him an origami crane in apology and told him he'd been very gracious in letting me have the seat.

Cloud photos We took off and the clouds were simply *amazing* outside the window. I was really lucky to have gotten the window seat. I stared at them the entire time, marveling at their beauty. I took a bunch of photos of them. They were tall and stark white against the blue sky, with sharply defined edges, quite beautiful.

The flight was short but bumpy and we didn't get any service at all.

The change to the new gate in Newark was fairly easy. However the flight was delayed an hour. Then we boarded and sat at the gate for a half hour. Then the plane headed for the runway and sat on the runway for a half hour. Luckily I had water and snacks with me! In many other ways this was a strange take-off. The guy next to me put his tray table down and lay on it during the whole take-off. The stewardesses didn't say a word. I thought about saying something but in the end didn't. I thought I would feel very guilty if he was injured or sliced in half by his tray table. Another guy was texting even during take-off. Do people not hear the instructions?

Then about an hour into the flight there was a medical emergency about ten rows up and oxygen masks and blood pressure cuffs and people running around. My guess seemed to be that someone had an allergic reaction to something. So when we landed doctors had to meet the plane. I spent much of the flight trying to send good vibes to the ill person.

By the time we landed, all the shuttles had stopped running to the hotel. So I had to find a commercial shuttle service, wait for their next one to go out, and eventually get to the hotel.

I'd arrived! The Best Western Island Palms was absolutely gorgeous. I have many photos of it on subsequent days. The staff was warm and welcoming. They even drove me to my room on a little golf cart. The room itself was great. I pretty much collapsed on the bed immediately!

Here are the 17 photos of clouds that I took!

Slideshow of Monday Cloud Photos

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