Waller / Warren Family Reunion 2012

There were two parts to the Waller / Waller Family Reunion. The first part was a 5 night cruise on the Carnival Fascination. The second part was a luncheon in Jacksonville Florida.

This chart shows the members who were planning on attending. There are many other relations not shown on this chart. We'd never be able to fit the entire chart on one page :)

Waller / Warren Family Reunion

The cruisers were:
The George Waller group (George, Lisa, Bob)
The Jenn Mottram group (Jenn, Jeremy)
Becky Hall
The Paige Waller group (Paige, Jeff, Kai, Joellen, Michael)
The Blake Waller group (Blake & Tammy)

Non-cruisers coming in for the luncheon:
Vince & Annette LaBon
Blake & Lucy Warren
Julie Castleberry
Tammy & Charley
Heather, Josh, Lori Beth, and Philip (from the Blake Waller clan)

I'll update the below information with links to webpages and photos as I get them, so we can all share in each others' adventures! The names are listed roughly from left to right on the family tree:

Vince LaBon
Lives in GA

Annette LaBon
Lives in GA

George Waller
Lives in CT. Genealogist, loves classic rock.

Lisa Shea
Lives in MA. Runs websites including BellaOnline, WineIntro, RomanceClass. Writes medieval novels.

Bob See
Lives in MA. Loves golf. Plays bass guitar for the band
A HREF="http://www.facebook.com/farfromeden">Far From Eden.- like him on Facebook!

Jenn Mottram
Lives in MA. Professional programmer.

Jeremy Mottram
Lives in MA. Attending UMASS-Amherst, interested in languages (Mandarin Chinese, French).

Tammy Waller
Lives in AZ. Master's degree in animal advocacy.

Charles Carson
Lives in AZ. Master's degree in civil engineering / water

Becky Hall
Lives in TN. Teaches photography college classes.

Paige Espenship
Lives in GA. Professional Nutritionist.
Paige's Nutrition Site

Jeff Espenship
Lives in GA. Pilot and motivational / safety speaker.
Target Leadership - like him on Facebook!

Blake Waller
Lives in SC. Sings in a choir, great at woodworking.

Tammy Waller
Lives in SC.

Blake Warren
Lives in FL.

Lucy Warren
Lives in FL. Professional piano teacher and composer. Here's her video of her students performing Bumble Boogie, which she wrote the arrangement for!
Bumble Boogie - Lucy Warren

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