Carnival Fascination Travlogue

When I was planning our trip on the Carnival Fascination, I gathered up deck plans, port information, and other details about where the Fascination goes, as part of my travelogue. In 2010, we arranged a small scale Waller Family Reunion with seven members of the family converging in Georgia. It was so much fun that we immediately began making plans for a much more comprehensive get-together, involving much more of the family! Note that this page here is currently "hidden" so that only family members can see it. Lisa also won't be making any posts on her Facebook or other public areas about this until the trip is past. That way our privacy is maintained (and our houses are kept safe) while we are away on this trip.

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Daily Menus for our Carnival Fascination Trip
Daily Activities on Carnival Fascination
Bottom Deck Plans - Printable
Top Deck Plans - Printable
GPS Track of our Ship's Route

Key West, Florida
Docking at Location Pier B, 7am-3pm
Map of Pier B
Apparently trolleys run non-stop from the dock to take people in to the main downtown area. Bob and I have been to Key West twice and I think several other family members have been here before too, so feel free to ask if you want ideas for things to do! They have a marker for the southernmost point in the contiguous US!
Lisa, Bob & Jenn's trip to the Florida Keys

Nassau, the Bahamas
We are here from noon to 10pm. We dock right at a dock so there is no tendering necessary. I absolutely adore Atlantis :) The last time Bob and I were here, we walked over to Atlantis. It is a gorgeous hotel with a great aquarium. Here are our notes from last time:
Visiting Nassau / Atlantis

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