Sea Day Carnival Fascination

Friday was our last full day on the Carnival Fascination! Our final day to enjoy all the fun, food, and relaxation that the Fascination had to offer.

For those night owls out there, know that the party goes all night long! Dad certainly was taking advantage of the party atmosphere - he rolled in at 4:30am and slept right through his morning bridge meeting with Jenn!

Bob brought me my morning melon slices, and then soon it was time to head to our 1pm family get-together in the India lounge! This lounge is quite lovely :) Blake and Tammy were there, along with me, Becky, and Bob. Blake even sweetly got a ginger-ale for Tammy! We relaxed in the lounge for an hour, enjoying our discussion. Then at 2pm a karaoke group came in, so we headed up to the buffet area. Some more time of resting and relaxing!

Back to the room so Blake could use my computer. Dad popped by for a few minutes, then went up for coffee, and Blake & Tammy headed back to their own room. I was quite ready for an afternoon of rest - I filled up the jacuzzi and relaxed! Then Bob had his turn.

After a relaxing afternoon, it was time for dinner. We gathered up our last bottle of wine and took a stroll around the ship before heading to the restaurant. Soon Blake and Tammy arrived, and then Jenn. Jeremy was off enjoying a show, and Jeff, Paige, and Mike had eaten earlier to be able to eat together while Becky watched Kai. Soon we were sitting down for our very last dinner on the ship!

Here's uncle Blake with his lovely wife Tammy. I'll comment that pretty much every day they have photographers going around table to table taking professional photos of everyone, so if you want nicely done photos, you have lots of options to choose from.

Sea Day Carnival Fascination

We had Duarte again, which was great. One appetizer was sushi, and I was really hoping it would be better than the sushi bar, but it was pretty much the same. I also had the cream of mushroom soup which was quite tasty - I gave half of it to Bob to try. The main dish I chose was veal parm. I was a bit disappointed - there was a lot of breading, and very little veal or sauce. Then one final song, and we were done! I folded a batch of origami cranes for the wait staff in thanks.

Bob and I headed back to the room. We packed everything up and put the luggage outside for it to be gathered up, and then prepared for sleep. We had an early, 10am wake-up call to be able to get on shore quickly. Tammy - my sister - was flying in just for the one day on Saturday, so we wanted to spend as much time as humanly possible with her!

By 5am when Dad hadn't returned, we were worried about him and Bob went out searching. No luck! Dad came in about 7am - so a long night with little sleep for all three of us!

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