Crowne Plaza Jacksonville Florida

Friday night sort of runs into Saturday morning, with Dad being out until 7am and all :). By this point a dense fog had surrounded the ship and the ship's fog horn was blasting every minute or so. We were apparently stalled by the fog. I tried to get some snatches of sleep while the announcements began coming about the delay, and for people to expect a late landing time. Bob called me over - there were dolphins alongside us! So I went to take some photos. They were quite cute, leaping alongside the ship :)

I pulled down all the cabin and door decorations and left them for our room attendants along with origami and a photo. Then we headed up to the lounge to wait to be led off. Soon we were brought down to our luggage and with a quick turn-in of the customs form we were waved through to the shuttles. No passport needed.

The shuttle driver dropped us off at the hotel, and everyone was there! Dad's cousin Blake plus wife Lucy. His cousin Vince with wife Annette. My sister Tammy was there with boyfriend Charles. Plus some of uncle Blake's troops! It was wonderful. I'd met everyone but Blake and Lucy before, and it's always delightful to spend time with Tammy. Because of the ship delay we weren't there until 1pm, so time was very precious.

This photo has Blake Waller, Blake Warren, and George Waller.

Waller Warren

The buffet laid out by the Crowne Plaza was quite tasty - but they took it away at 2pm without any warning, so we couldn't get seconds. We had asked for having it for 2 hours. Blake presented gorgeous ornaments for Becky and George. He'd hand turned wood ornaments with shells in them.

We all talked some more, and at 4:30pm it was already time to start heading out.

We passed hugs all around, and then Dad, Jenn, me, Bob, Tammy, and Charles got onto the airport shuttle. Everyone else was driving home.

We got to the airport, checked in, and luckily our gates were right side by side. So we hung out at the gate to spend the most possible time with Tammy until we had to let her get onto her plane. Then we headed over to our own gate, and soon we were home again!

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