Nassau Carnival Fascination

Nassau is a lovely location. Bob and I had been there before, and we were looking forward to visiting it again on our Carnival Fascination cruise. Especially Atlantis and its lovely aquarium! Our cabin door featured a photo of a fish we'd taken on our last trip to Nassau.

We checked around with family members, and Blake, Tammy, and Dad all wanted to go to Atlantis with us. First, I had an interview with Jen, the cruise director. She was fantastic to talk with! She has a theater background and is a wonderful person. Once that was done, I gathered up the group and off we headed.

There were no passports needed as we got off the ship. We simply walked through their shopping mall area and got out to the street. There, numerous taxis were offering trips to Atlantis for $4 a person. Apparently the price is set by the government. Our taxi driver was great. He was friendly and gave a running commentary about the locations as we drove through the streets and across the bridge. Apparently Sir Clifford Darling, a governer-general of Nassau, had recently died, so some streets had been closed.

We got to Atlantis - a gorgeous hotel which has served as location for many movies. This was the view of Atlantis from our cabin.

Nassau Carnival Fascination

Unfortunately, now the price to just see the tiny aquarium here was $40! It used to be free! We balked at paying $40 each to see a tiny aquarium area and just roamed through the hotel instead. Then we walked to the public beach and watched the massive waves roll in. One family had tiny toddlers playing at the edge of the water. They were warned by beach rangers that many kids had died here as a consequence of inattentive parents. That the water was quite powerful and could quickly suck a child out to sea. While we were there we saw a young boy have his swimming trunks ripped off his body, and the parents barely got him back onto the sand.

There are vendors on the beach renting chairs and selling cigars, food, and drinks.

Bob watches the surf while Dad enjoys a rum drink in a coconut - two for $10!

Nassau Carnival Fascination

It's difficult to show how powerful the surf is in a photo.

Nassau Carnival Fascination

There is a giant line of taxis waiting right by the beach area to take tourists back to the ships. They all jocky to grab you to go in their taxi. Again it's just $4 a person, a set rage. Our taxi driver stuffed more than enough people into his taxi so the ride was a bit uncomfortable for some. Also, he drove quite wildly :). We heard from Jeff later that his ride out to the airport was quite an adventure, with the driver racing at high speed through quiet residential neighborhoods.

Once in Nassau central, we did a bit of shopping. Dad made friends with two of the locals, joining in the fun of passing around a bottle. He also borrowed their bullhorn to shout out "I love you, Terrie!" :) Terrie is his girlfriend back home. He was having so much fun saying "hi" to everyone that he went to a sports store to find a counter unit, like referees use to count the number of points a team has. He wanted to count the number of times people said "hi" back to him. Unfortunately, no such luck. They didn't have any. Still, he did meet interesting people.

Nassau Carnival Fascination

Blake and Tammy headed back on the ship, and after a fruitless quest for a counter, I was toast. I was starving to death. So Bob and I walked with Dad back to the main market area, and then he stayed there to shop while I headed onto the ship. Unfortunately we'd delayed so long that now all the food areas were closed. I had to suffice with a tuna wrap from the deli bar. I missed my salad bar! Ah well.

Sushi again was disappointing, with cream cheese and mayo in their creations. The line was almost non-existent by now.

Becky, Bob and I spent probably 45 minutes trying to convince a quarter-sliding casino game to give us a stack of $25. No such luck. We had to give up when it was time for dinner! Tonight was the only night we did not get Duarte. In fact for some reason when we arrived at our traditional time of 8:15pm we were told we couldn't sit together! Very good. Finally we did get a table together. I had lobster bisque, which was good, and chateaubriand, which was also good.

They had a huge conga line. Everyone danced!

Nassau Carnival Fascination

Then it was time for the casino again. The stack of bills was STILL in the quarter machine, when we were convinced it was nearly about to fall. Not only that, but it had slid backwards into the machine! Goes to show those games aren't quite what they seem. It's just as well we gave up on feeding the machine when we did.

Most of the clan was here. Blake and Tammy, Jenn and Jeremy, Jeff and Michael, and Bob and me. We had a blast talking, sharing stories, and hanging out together.

Nassau Carnival Fascination

A great way to end the day!

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