Sea Day on the Carnival Fascination

Tuesday was our first full day on the Carnival Fascination. This was an at sea day - the day we spent cruising down the coast of Florida from Jacksonville to Key West.

Bob is a sweetheart and when we cruise he always brings me breakfast in bed. So when I woke up he had brought a selection of cantelope along with some herbal tea and orange juice. I took my vitamins with those and relaxed.

At 1pm I had a meeting with the Environmental Officer to talk with him about how Carnival recycles and protects the environment. It was a great talk, and I'll be writing that up soon! I'm very impressed with how much Carnival recycles.

Then it was 2pm and time for our Cruise Critics meet-and-greet!

Cruise Critics is a forum of cruise lovers, and the Carnival crew had set aside the Passage to India lounge for us to hang out and talk. It was wonderful! We had about fifteen people attend, sharing stories and getting to know each other. There was no food nor drink provided, and a staff member was only around for the first five minutes or so to ensure everything was fine.

When that meeting was over, a group of us decided to go to the piano bar for their "tea luncheon". I'd never been to a tea before so this sounded like great fun. They had a selection of teas as well as little cucumber sandwiches and other items. Here is a photo of the tea group! Note that they commented that often at a tea each person is given their own tea pot of hot water to brew the tea in. Here, they simply poured hot water into your mug and you then chose a tea bag from a box. So it's more like "instant tea" that you have in the buffet area. Still, it was quiet, peaceful, and nice to talk. That ran until about 3:45pm.

Carnival Fascination

We swung by the sushi bar at 5pm - but it was closed! Apparently "elegant night" (i.e. formal night) is the only night the sushi bar isn't open. Odd.

The sushi bar being by the casino, we easily spotted our crew playing blackjack. It seemed that Jeff and Mike really enjoyed the blackjack table, we found them there often! I did ask for permission before taking photos of people in the casino. I was told that photos were fine, but videos were not. From left to right it's Mike, JoEllen, and Jeff, with Bob watching from the back.

Carnival Fascination

We spent a while cheering them on and talking with them. We hung out with them until it was time to prepare for dinner!

We had set dinner at 8:15pm tonight and gathered in the library. This is my sis Jenn and me in our Chinese outfits.

Carnival Fascination

I had the alligator appetizer, which was so breaded that it merely tasted like a bread ball. For the main course I know that people go gaga over the lobster or steak. However, being from New England, I just wasn't that keen on what they would serve for lobster. Also, I'm a fan of filet mignon, so their steak also wasn't a draw for me. So instead I had the ribs, which were quite tasty! I left behind the french fries.

Best of all, Bob had talked with Duarte, our waiter, about our love for palak paneer and aloo gobi. The chef made up some special for us! It was absolutely delicious. We shared it around the table. For me that was the real highlight of the meal.

Dad had cool Long Island Iced Teas with giant straws in them. They made them interesting to drink!

Carnival Fascination

Tammy had ordered creme brulee for the entire table, and I ate a bite or two of that before passing the rest along to Bob :) We then ended up bringing a bunch of them up to Becky, who was watching Kai in her room. We talked with her for a while, then let her get some sleep.

A delightful evening!

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