Key West Carnival Fascination

Wednesday was our first destination day on our Carnival Fascination trip - Key West! I'd been to Key West, Florida twice before and loved it both times. I was looking forward this this afternoon!

The Fascination docks almost right up against the sunset square, so it is a very short walk to get to the main streets and shops of Key West. Many family members were seeing Key West for the first time and doing sight-seeing tours. Dad had never been here, so we asked him if he would like us to go for a gentle walk with him, to see the main sights. He indicated he was going to seek adventure on the ship instead. We promised to come back to the ship if he changed his mind. The next thing we know, we find him in the Pub Crawl group :) There's something for everyone on Key West.

Bob and I headed out for a walk. We ran into Blake and Tammy who were preparing to take a 2 hour sight-seeing trolly. We talked with them for a while before letting them head on their way. They enjoyed their ride very much!

My main quest was to find chickens and geckos :) I'd already seen the sights, and I love animals. Bob spotted the cutest little baby chicks for me! It was the highlight of my day. Yes, I'm odd :)

Key West Carnival Fascination

We also took a walk along the water's edge and looked at cute fish and jellyfish. That was also wonderful.

Key West Carnival Fascination

We went by the Hard Rock cafe, where, on our last trip with my sister Jenn, we'd seen adorable geckos. However, they weren't out. Maybe it was still too early for them. Ah well, I'd gotten my chicks and fish.

After more walking we went on board for a tasty buffet lunch. I had the salad bar which I enjoyed immensely. Then it was back out to the post office. I'd had an order for two of my books that I couldn't mail before I left, so the plan was to mail them from Key West. The post office had numerous roosters hanging out in front of it - very cool!

The line at the post office was VERY long so we used the self-service machine. If you want to mail things from Key West, I suggest you bring your stamps with you.

Then one last walk along the water - with adorable Sergeant Major fish - before it was time to get back on board.

Key West Carnival Fascination

Everyone was supposed to be on board by 3:30pm. However, even at 3:40pm there were long lines of people still arriving to get on.

Key West Carnival Fascination

Here's a video of us leaving Key West.

Departing from Key West

Sushi at 5pm was again a bit disappointing, and soon it was time for the main dinner.

Readers have asked me if it's possible to bring drinks into the restaurant, or if they make you only buy drinks from the restaurant staff. Absolutely, you can bring in drinks. Tonight, Dad brought a beer in with him and they didn't mind at all. So feel free to buy drinks elsewhere, if you have a favorite bartender, and bring them in with you!

I'm pretty sure I had salmon tonight even though I don't see it on the web-menu and I didn't take photos of our specific menus. I do have a photo of something salmon-like for today. I had a salad with it. The web-menu says that the every day option was mahi-mahi.

Key West Carnival Fascination

Several family members had so much fun talking that we closed the restaurant down. We moved into the library to talk some more, and Dad showed his Waller singing spirit by going to sing at the piano bar. There is quite an enthusiastic group there, for people who like to sing along with a piano!

Key West Carnival Fascination

Soon it was time to sleep!

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