Bermuda Snorkel Park 2013

From October 18 to October 25, 2013, we were on the NCL Norwegian Dawn visiting Bermuda. Our first day on Bermuda was Sunday, October 29th. The weather was gorgeous. We immediately walked over to the Snorkel Park, which had free admission. Bob and I brought koi fish food with us and were curious how it would work with snorkeling. We hadn't had much luck with it from the kayaks but we were willing to give it a try.

I went into the water with the fish food while Bob was behind me. I tried a handful of the food - and was swarmed immediately by silver porgies! It was a bit threatening! I wasn't sure if these things would bite at me. They were fairly voracious. Bob hadn't seen it. I turned to him and told him to give it a try. The next thing we knew, there was a massive school of silver porgies around us, eagerly enjoying our food.

Here are the photos from Sunday. There are 108 photos in this set. Most are of the silver porgies. Then we swam over to the opening in the rocks, where we saw some parrot fish, sergeant majors, and other fish.

Note that these photos are light because I forgot to put the camera into underwater mode. I fixed that on days 2 and 3.

I didn't take any video at all the first day. On days 2 and 3 I took a number of videos.

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The pictures on the topic of Bermuda Snorkel Park 2013 for this slideshow were all taken by Lisa Shea.

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