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Saturday, April 19, 2014. Some people might think a sea day is boring. To me, this was absolutely perfect. I wanted a break from being go-go-go every day and having the stress of missing the boat. Also, I was in the middle of writing a book series and this would give me the perfect opportunity to catch up and write a number of chapters. I was looking forward to this immensely.

NCL Jade Sea Day Photos Plus, it's not like there's ever a day of "rest" on a trip like this. My mom had scheduled the six of us for a Jazz Brunch for the morning. Not only that, but the Cruise Critics had scheduled their meet-and-greet at the exact same time.

So I headed down early and went to the meet-and-greet first. I met a number of interesting people, but just as they were getting started, I had to run down the hall to meet up with my own group for the jazz brunch.

The music was amazing! The band was extremely talented. I swore I took a video, but I can't find it now. Maybe I hit the wrong button.

The brunch was quite lovely. All sorts of special items were out. An ice sculpture of a sea horse. The staff was personally making caesar salads for each person.

I had the salad plus scrambled eggs and salmon. I love salmon for breakfast. Bob and I have had that in Ireland and Alaska and it's just so nice. I'm a big fan of protein to start the day.

NCL Jade Sea Day Photos So we hung out in there until the jazz band was done for the morning. Then we took our photos. Always a bad idea, because now we were all round from all the food. We should take photos BEFORE we start eating :).

Then Jenn and I relaxed for the day. It was idyllic. Ahhhh, relaxation. Writing and reading and catching up on things.

Eventually it was dinner time. I had the turkey with gravy, but with green beans, not all the other stuff. We took another photo of us three. This time it was with the "olive-helmet-head" people in the painting from the dining room. We had been baffled why they had paintings of people with olive-helmet-heads. This ship was decorated all over with Hawaii-themed images. Do they have a tradition in Hawaii of people with helmets made of olives?

In any case, we then went back up to the spa to soak in the hot tub. NCL Jade Sea Day Photos

A lovely break.

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