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Sunday, April 20, 2014. Easter. We were back in Italy, in Cagliari, Sardinia. I made many jokes about eating sardines in Sardinia, but we didn't :). My main quest for the day was to see the historic Roman Ampitheater which was the Sardinia claim to fame. The ship was decorated with Easter eggs and bunnies. It was sort of cute.

Sardinia Italy Ampitheater Photos They required you to take a short 5-minute shuttle to get clear of the dock area. For security reasons they wouldn't let you walk free around the dock. Fair enough. It was quick and free.

At this point in the trip, Jenn and I had been heading off on our own in a variety of places without problems. Rome. Barcelona. Toulon. Never an issue. But here, there was a MOB of very aggressive taxi drivers right at the docks that got right up in your face. They swarmed you. It was beyond insane. We had to be quite aggressive to get them off of us. It was a negative way to start the trip.

The place you start off simply has city streets. There are circular signs occasionally pointing at restaurants or shops, but mostly you walk up, up, up the long city street. Eventually we got to a plaza with a few restaurants. To the right we could see "Tower of the Elephant" - a tower built in 1307. Very cool. To get nearer to it, we took an elevator simply located at the end of an alley. It went from the lower level we were on to the much higher street above. That's how steep the hills are here.

After taking some photos, we continued on our walk. Up, up, and more up. It started drizzling, too, but luckily we both had rain jackets on. So we kept at it.

The further we walked, the more desolate the environment got. Graffiti everywhere. Everything was closed because of Easter, and there was nobody on the streets up here. Just us and the drizzle. Finally we got to the ampitheater - and there were heavy bars around the entire thing. We could barely peer through. And, even peering through it, there were all sorts of metal stairs and struts all around the actual stone ampitheater. It looked sort of like a construction site.

It was about a mile to get to this point - probably more with our side trip to the tower area. It wasn't the distance, though. It was the steep climb that made it take a while.

We went up around the top of it to see if we could find a better view. The sidewalk here was slick marble. It might look pretty, but it was dangerous to walk on! We walked in the street instead. It didn't matter, there were no cars. Just a run-down playground and a closed little booth-style food stall.

Apparently they used to use this ancient, classic Roman Ampitheater as the town dump!! But then they realized they might get tourists to visit if it actually was a place to visit so they "cleaned it up" a bit. They do now use it for performances and such. But the area around it is fairly sketchy.

Sardinia Italy Ampitheater Photos We came down the other side, and now a group of mid-20s guys started following us. A bit creepy. And nobody in sight. So we started walking more quickly and finally made it back down to where there were cars on streets. We went back to the plaza we'd seen before and waited for a table at one of their covered in-the-plaza sections. The waitress was REALLY slow here. The wi-fi was slow. The food wasn't great. So, overall, just not a great experience here.

We headed back to the ship. We'd had good luck with the other raffles and such, so we gave the final art auction a try. It took far longer than we thought it would - two hours I believe - but there was actually some cool artwork that I wrote the names down of. Not to buy, but as inspirations. And we didn't win a Picasso :).

Ah well!

Still, an interesting place to visit. But not one I would return to.

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Sardinia Italy Ampitheater Photos Photos

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Sardinia Italy Ampitheater Photos Photos

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